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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

new place :)


wahahaa.. cita cita ku sudah tercapai sampai di matrikulasi perlis.. :) if u follow my blog from the start... i nak masuk matrik penang..
but its ok... i'll be fine here :)

so.. my life best giler.. for  the first 1 week.... biasa lar .. budak baru.. giler skema.. 1 day outing... there u goo...  i found my KLCC.. in the bracket (c- mart)
feeling weired..
im the only one from hartamas..
sekolah yg i tau paling dekat dgn sekolah hartamas is v.i.
sebut je v.i..
everyone was like..
ooo... v.i..
well i knew him.. actually that  v.i dude same matric as me..
 not THAT hot...
pelik.... i x tau lar if u THINK his hot..  
let me try to describe him..
  1. height: 162 cm - 165 cm.. ( not sure but its around that)
  2. slanting eyes.. not so..
  3. oooo... but this one... he HAS MUSCULAR body...
well.. i can't tell u exactly what he looks like..
i'm not into him.. but one thing im sure about ...
most of my friends cakap..
muke die menyenangkan..
biasa lar... imam.. 
ok.. till we meet again :)

1 comment:

  1. weeee.... x dpt masuk matrik penang?? its ok... ade byk charlie...
    sape that v.i dude??